The Heatherly Showroom experience: What to expect when shopping for a custom bedhead from Heatherly Design

Attending a wine tasting can be an intimidating prospect, especially if you don’t consider yourself an aficionado, but enjoy raising a glass with friends or over a meal.
What if the sommelier asked you specific questions about tannins or whether you picked up on the delicate notes of dew-kissed blackberry?

We know that some people can be equally as overwhelmed about visiting a designer showroom — especially if they aren’t rehearsed in the lingo or know exactly how to express their taste or style. But we don’t expect you to be an interior stylist or even compelled to hire one in order to create the bedroom of your dreams.

We also know that booking an appointment can make visiting a showroom seem a little more official that just popping by a furniture store for a browse.
But that is exactly what we invite you to do, to come in and experience our beautiful custom-made products, first-hand.

We treat our showrooms like a home; the home of Heatherly. We want it to be warm and welcoming — not quite answering the door in our pyjamas kind of welcoming — but we want it to be an inviting, approachable space to collaborate with our clients and help them to create their ultimate bedroom sanctuary.

At Heatherly, we also believed that good design tells a story. And so, we are thrilled to announce the next exciting chapter in our own Heatherly Design story as we take up residence in our new bedroom furniture Melbourne Flagship showroom.
While we are incredibly proud of everything we achieved over the years at our Knox HQ, we are excited that after the challenges faced in 2020, this significant move ushers in a new era for our brand, full of potential and future possibilities.
After years of dreaming, our vision of aligned showrooms is finally coming to fruition and we are delighted to bring the same refined luxury that underscores our bedroom furniture Sydney showroom to our Melbourne customers.

So, to welcome you to our new Heatherly home and remove any apprehension associated with making an appointment, here is what you can expect during a showroom consultation at either our Melbourne or Sydney spaces.

I made an appointment, now what?
After booking an appointment at either our Melbourne Flagship showroom in Malvern or at our Sydney showroom in Paddington, you will receive confirmation of your personalised — and complimentary — sixty-minute consultation where you’ll meet with one of our qualified interior designers. We pride ourselves on our signature integrity and authentic approach to business and customer signature service, passion for bringing the finest locally made designs to the forefront of any bedroom and dedication to high-end craftsmanship. At the showroom, you will have the opportunity to view our stunning collection of hand-crafted designs as well as our fabric library of over 100 fabric samples.

What makes a showroom appointment different to visiting a furniture store?
The reason we are by-appointment only, is because we want to give you the full Heatherly experience. The sixty-minute, one-on-one guidance with one of our interior designers will not only help you with style, colour and fabrications, but will also highlight proportions, dimensions and design elements you might not have considered, such as cut outs for power points, window placement, ceiling height and mattress measurements. Our end-to-end service ensures every element of our bespoke beds and bed heads are custom made and no detail is overlooked.
Once you have settled on your design, our team will continue to be in contact to confirm all specs and measurements work with your needs. We have a proven formula to ensure the proportions are perfect for your chosen custom bed head.

Can I choose different colours and fabrics from what I see in the showroom?
Affirming Heatherly’s reputation of being at the forefront of custom bedroom furniture, is the option to tailor our upholstered bed heads with any Heatherly Design bed head and fabric. With over forty bed head designs and more than 100 fabrics options — each carefully chosen for their beauty and durability —you can create a bespoke design worthy of being the foundation of your bedroom.

What should I bring with me?
Whether you want to bring in carefully curated mood boards or just a few screen shots from Pinterest, feel free to pass on any material that can help us better understand your vision, taste and style. We also encourage clients to have images of their own bedroom, paint and/or carpet sample to help us with fabric selection. As each piece is custom-made, we know from experience that our clients appreciate this personalised service and are inspired from their visit.
But it’s also fine if you aren’t sure what you want yet, simply come with an open mind and we can help guide you to find your dream bedroom design.

Leila in Venice peach velvet

Leila Bed head in Venice Peach velvet

What if I can’t visit a showroom?
During Covid restrictions, we worked hard to ensure that we could deliver the same high level of the Heatherly showroom service to our customers virtually, and we are proud to continue offering video appointments as a convenient alternative for many of our clients. Each Thursday, Friday and Saturday, our Interior Designers will be available for free, personalised sixty-minute video consultations. We also offer fabric samples which can be delivered straight to your door. If you are not sure on colour or texture, choose up to five fabric samples to assist with your fabric choice. A $10 fee applies for fabric samples which is redeemable upon purchase.

Do I have to commit to purchasing if I make an appointment?
We appreciate that buying a fully custom bed is an investment piece for any home. We want you to be one hundred per cent happy with your bed and understand if you need some time to consider it carefully following your visit to the showroom. We like to think of visits to our showroom as the design equivalent of wine-tasting: a delicious sample to savour and help you make a decision about what you would like to take home. And if you find yourself still dreaming about it, you know where to find us.