The best feel-good bedrooms from film and television

When the world seems cold and gloomy, you could be forgiven for wanting to crawl under the covers and unwind in bed with a feel-good movie or binging your favourite TV show.

If you have run out of inspiration on what to watch this winter (or this lockdown) we have come up with the perfect list of shows and movies to help whisk you away from the everyday and provide a nostalgic escape.

Here at Heatherly, we love seeing how our favourite fictional characters style their sleep space, from Blair Waldorf’s Fifth Avenue bedroom in Gossip Girl to Rizzo’s sleepover scenes in Grease.

We also love daydreaming about how we would reimagine TV and movie bedrooms with our own bespoke bed heads. So, to inspire your next cosy, in-bed viewing, we take a look at six of our favourite fictional bedrooms, and how to get the look, the Heatherly way.

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Carrie’s bedroom
Sex & The City

Carrie Bradshaw bedroom Heatherly Design

Top: Image of Carrie Bradshaw in her iconic bedroom: HBO, Bottom: The classic hand dial telephone was also an iconic bedroom accessory for Carrie, shown here with our Readymade Rupert bed head in Asphalt linen.

Arguably one of TV’s most iconic and recognisable abodes, Carrie Bradshaw’s rent-controlled, studio apartment on E 73rd Street, was  — much like her wardrobe — a carefully curated mix of styles. From mid-century modern to uptown classic and even flea market chic, the eclectic mix of décor gave Carie’s apartment a cosy, lived-in personality that alluded to her creative flair and always made the viewer feel at home.

The bed itself is surprisingly understated — she clearly spends far more on her wardrobe than her bed linens. Carrie’s bedtime colour scheme is far more muted and less feminine (and arresting) than her wardrobe, with grey, steel blue and crisp white sheets on regular rotation. Stacked back issues of Vogue magazine, books and framed photographs provide the backdrop to the bed while an old chair even doubles as a bedside table.

If we were to choose a bed for Carrie, we couldn’t help but wonder, would we keep it as simple and fuss free?

Well, the beauty of our Rupert bed head is all in the subtle detailing. The 25mm flanged edge offers a contemporary detail that lends itself to so many interiors, and like Carrie’s style bed, has a gender-neutral appeal. We also think the sophisticated design which showcases the expert craftsmanship of our Heatherly upholsterers would appeal to Carrie’s love of bespoke style and timeless quality. She did date a furniture maker after all!

Erica Barry’s bedroom
Something’s Gotta Give

Erica Barry bedroom Heatherly Design

Top: Erica Barry’s bedroom: Columbia Pictures, Bottom left: Our Custom Rupert bed head via @Thedesignchaser,  Bottom right: Our Custom Hampton bed head via @cp___co

When it comes to Hampton’s style, few films capture the dreamy coastal aesthetic quite like Nancy Meyer’s romantic comedy, Something’s Gotta Give.

A movie masterclass in Hampton’s styling, an ocean-feel fills the fictional beach house from the creamy white and blue colour palette to sheer, flowy window treatments, as well as Erica  Barry’s (played by Diane Keaton) carefully curated collections of seashells, beach stones and paintings by Edward Henry Potthast and California artist Kenton Nelson. The bedroom is also a showstopper, with its upholstered bed head, warm lighting and crisp cream palette creating a bright, sophisticated space. To get the look, it’s hard to go past our own Hamptons Bed Head.  Inspired by the classic silhouette of a wingback chair, this inviting bed head is designed to envelope and create the ultimate retreat at night. We couldn’t think of a better bed to curl up on to watch a rom-com. 

Cher’s bedroom

Clueless bedroom heatherly design

Top: Cher’s bedroom in the film Clueless: Paramount Pictures, Bottom: Custom Valentine bed head in Kate Spade Smoke

When it comes to Cher’s bedroom in the 90s teen comedy Clueless, most of us remember her iconic wardrobe: the trailblazing, high-tech computer programmed closet with rotating racks that could help choose your outfit every morning. But being the bedroom obsessives that we are, we also remember the bed. Befitting the grandeur of her sprawling Beverly Hills mansion, Cher’s ornate poster bed with pillars, canopy and upholstered headboard is a mix of regency romance and 90s glam while her bedroom also gives a nod to art deco with gilded mirrors and frames. For a more subtle, modern-day manifestation, we can’t look past our custom Valentine Bed Head. The curvaceous silhouette fuses classic and contemporary styling to striking effect while the statement fabric features ribbon detailing stitched onto a taupe linen background — rather reminiscent of the filigree woodwork and printed fabric of Cher’s iconic poster bed.

Don + Betty Draper’s bedroom
Mad Men

Mad Men bedroom Don and Betty Draper Heatherly Design

Top: Don + Betty Draper’s bedroom: Liongate Television, Bottom: Custom Alice bed head in Geneva Glacier velvet

Back in season one of the acclaimed drama, Mad Men, Don and Betty Draper’s master suite perfectly captured the era.

From the buttercup yellow wall paint to the bedspread folded under the pillows, frilly sheer curtains, wall-to-wall carpet flowing out the door and of course, the blue tufted bed head.

For a more contemporary take, our custom made Alice Bed Head takes her cue from the classic deep buttoned styles of the past. Elegant, romantic and distinctive, you’ll fall in love with fine embellishment and sparkle from deep Swarovski crystal buttons.

Marie Antoinette’s bedroom
Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinettes bedroom Heatherly Design blog

Top: Marie Antoinette’s bedroom: Columbia Pictures, Bottom: Custom made Giselle bed head in Flora Mineral velvet

Known for her elaborate neoclassical style, Marie Antoinette dressed her bedroom at Versailles in opulent pattern and colour. Beautifully reimagined by director Sofia Coppola in her 2006 film, rich fabrics such as velvets and heavy silks along with elaborate drapes, valances, embroideries, tapestries and woven flower designs featured heavily.
To create your own palatial luxury, it’s hard to resist our custom made Giselle Bed Head. Even its name is French! Born from many requests for a scaled-up, grander bed head —and dressed in a stunning floral print — Giselle is a statement making style with curved details accentuated by a studded trim finish.

Iris’ bedroom
The Holiday

Iris bedroom the holiday Heatherly Design Kensington bed head

Top: Iris’ bedroom: Columbia Pictures/Universal Pictures, Bottom: Custom made Kensington bed head in Villano Blush linen (The Block: Josh + Elyse)

Nancy Myers films have always been praised for their undeniably appealing aesthetic, but during 2020 when we all started spending more time in our own homes, this affection for her set designs transpired into a deeper desire to recreate them. New York Magazine’s Vulture even ran an article titled, “Let Nancy Myers inspire you to self-quarantine.” Of course it was The Holiday’s “cottagecore” aesthetic that was most documented in 2020 and for good reason. The quaint, rustic cottage in Surrey was the perfect rural setting to dream of escaping to in the middle of a pandemic. Iris’ antique, flat-top wrought iron bed steals many scenes, and combined with clashing prints and textures and a warm palette of yellows and red creates a cheery, nostalgic atmosphere.

You can achieve this same cosy, classic energy with our Kensington Bed Head.

An eternal favourite, this classic bed head uses button detailing to add depth for a majestic finish and like the romantic scrolled bed from the film, the Kensington shares the same flat top silhouette, but is much comfier in the back-support department for enjoying breakfast in bed.