2023 stargazing: Which bed head are you? Let your star sign decide

Waldorf Bedhead in Liaison Ocean Velvet


Mature and wise beyond their years, the sturdy mountain goat is hard-working, determined, motivated, practical, reliable, and realistic. Concerned with the long-game, this disciplined sign values tradition.

Capricorn’s perfect bed head: Inspired by the classic styling of the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York, the Waldorf winged back bed head is a timeless design that conjures up glamorous evenings in the city that never sleeps

Heatherly Design Melbourne tan leather bed heads custom made

Piper bedhead in Trench leather


Aquarius beats to the rhythm of its own drum. They are forward-thinkers, innovators, constantly looking towards the next big thing, but are also independent thinkers who have a unique vision of the world.

Aquarius’ perfect bed head: Striking, unusual and confident, the Piper bed head is for those who like to push the boundaries with soft leather and wall-mounted tabs creating a unique statement.

Stella in clients own fabric

Stella bed head in clients own fabric


The big dreamers of the Zodiac, their imagination makes them highly creative, as well as being friendly, sensitive, kind, and caring.

Pisces’ perfect bed head: Colourful and fun, yet refined in its simplicity, the Stella is the perfect round upholstered bedhead. A bedroom centrepiece for both the young, and the young at heart.

Heatherly Design Giselle in Florence Broadhurst fabric

Giselle in Florence Broadhurst fabric


Brave and fearless leaders, this star sign is direct, passionate, and headstrong. They don’t mind making a bold statement.

Aries’ perfect bedhead: With her curved detailing, studded trim finish and grand, scaled-up, silhouette, Giselle is the perfect balance of cosy, yet statement making style.

Armelle bedhead

Armelle in Boston Antelope Linen


One of the most grounded signs, Taurus loves to indulge in earthly delights and enjoys the finer things in life. They also value quality and appreciate something that will last the test of time.

Taurus’ perfect bed head: Wrapped in Boston Antelope Linen, the warm undertones of the Armelle bed head brings a touch of the outdoors, inside.  Two deep-cushioned panels create this contemporary bed head, while a subtle flange detail offers a refined touch you can treasure for years to come.

The Heatherly Designed Readymade Rupert Bed in Husk Ice Linen, Concierge Collection

The Readymade Rupert Bed in Husk Ice Linen, Concierge Collection


These flighty twins are enthusiastic and flexible. With their finger firmly on the pulse of the latest trend, they are always searching out new ideas.  

Gemini’s perfect bed head: With a flanged detail and adding depth to please your mood or taste, the first-of-its-kind Rupert bed head should also satisfy Gemini’s desire to be at the forefront of design. 

Wingback floral bed head design Heatherly custom made

Hampton in clients own fabric


The homely crab is a is a nurturing, emotional, creature of comfort. They have a warm, healing touch and care deeply about others.

Cancer’s perfect bed head: Designed to envelope you, the inviting wingback Hampton design creates the ultimate retreat to unwind in cocooned comfort at night.

Poppy Bed head Three Birds renovations heatherly

Poppy bedhead in clients own fabric


Leo is the star of the show and the lover of the limelight, roaring bright and loud. They can also be like the regal king of the jungle themselves and are extravagant style leaders.

Leo’s perfect bed head: A favourite among stylists and often spotted in the glossy pages of style magazines, our velvet Poppy bed head makes a bold statement. And when wrapped in rich jewel tones, brings a majestic touch to any bedroom.

Medina bed in Dargo camel linen

Medina bed in Dargo camel linen


Practical, grounded, and sensible, Virgos also have a quiet, discerning way about them. Detail-orientated, their keen eye and meticulous judgement doesn’t miss a thing.

Virgo’s perfect bed head: Bringing the peace and serenity of nature indoors, the Medina Bedhead is a classic, linear design which is impeccably highlighted by the contrast piping detail.

Linen padded headboard bedhead tranquil heatherly

Lincoln in Villano Mist linen


Their symbol is the scale and Librans are in constant search for balance, peace, and harmony with others. They are idealistic and imaginative and happily go with the flow.

Libra’s perfect bed head: The clean lines of Lincoln’s plush panels make this a fabulous choice for Librans. There is also an option for a wider headboard to sit in behind your side tables and create even more harmony in your bedroom styling.  

Bec Judd - Bonnie Bed in Ivory boucle heatherly Design

Bonnie Bed in Ivory boucle


Intense and magnetic, Scorpios are in touch with their emotions, intuition, subconscious, and the mystical side to life. They have a keen sense of perception but may keep themselves hidden in their sanctuary.

Scorpio’s perfect bed head: If it’s a sanctuary you want, there is no better bed to retreat to than the Bonnie.  With a modern, curved shape and abundant in the mood-boosting tactility of boucle, Bonnie is designed to evoke a sense of calm and comfort.

Linen buttoned bed head design styled Hampton style

Tilbury Bed in Villano Drizzle Linen


The expansive optimist of the Zodiac, Sagittarians loves to explore far and wide. Spontaneous lovers of freedom, their enthusiasm and excitement see them always moving on to the next big thing.

Sagittarius’ perfect bed head: Inspired by the serene hues of ocean living and seaside charm, the refreshing, coastal style of the Tilbury bed head taps into Sagittarian’s 

love of travel.