Return to traditional: Styling new and old with HD founder Georgie Leckey

Embarking on a nostalgic journey, we dive into the home of Founder and Director of Heatherly Design, Georgie Leckey.

Dubbed as the latest interior trend, ‘grandmillennial style’ is the art of juxtaposing new and old. Although not a new concept to Georgie, this recently trending aesthetic is testament to her refined taste and sentimental storytelling. “ …it doesn’t need to cost the world it just needs to be considered.” says Georgie.

We are seeing an appreciation for quality over quantity, with millennials choosing to fill their homes with pieces that have been handed down generations. There is certainly a movement away from the ‘mass produced’ with more clients opting for custom and long lasting. 

Join us as we explore the harmonious blend of past and present in her abode, where cherished heirlooms find their place alongside contemporary treasures. We wander through three distinct corners of Georgie’s home where we discover the origins of these eclectic pieces and the narratives and history behind them. 


Old wooden table on a verandah with various niknaks including an old birdcage. Dog at cat lounging underneath.

Inside out: Redefining space outdoors

Where: The verandah

Collected pieces:

Curating second-hand items with a keen eye for a specific aesthetic becomes an artful pursuit. It involves selecting pieces that seamlessly align with the chosen style, ensuring that each addition contributes cohesively to the overall visual narrative.

On the verandah, the table was purchased from a second hand shop, and the bird cage was purchased whilst on holiday in Byron bay at a bric and brac shop in Bangalow.   

“Crazy to go on holidays and buy a bird cage that was going to take up boot space but that I did.  This image shows the power of an edited collection, it doesn’t need to cost the world, it just needs to be considered.”

Always be on the lookout for that special piece that resonates with your personal connection to your chosen style.

Living room with blue lounge and artwork on walls

Using artwork to add depth and storytelling

Where: Living Room

Collected pieces: 

The living room is a space that seamlessly merges the old with the new. “One of my favourite corners in our home. The sofa was from my husband’s childhood, reupholstered in a bold teal velvet and complimented by Designers Guild ‘hydrangea’ cushions.” 

The table offers a lesson in ‘tablescaping’ as Georgie has styled with collections of shells from various trips to distant beach locations, a birds nest and a ball of string.  “Everyone loves a ball of string, I am always cutting string for the garden or for wrapping presents.” The beautiful bird nest was found deserted in the garden and completes the organic feel to these collected pieces.

In the world of ‘grandmillennial style,’ collecting and curating artworks becomes a delightful journey through time, blending cherished heirlooms with modern treasures to create a blend of nostalgia and contemporary elegance.

“My most special artwork is a piece I had commissioned by Vanessa Stockard of our daughter and cat Digby. Sam Michelle is another fab artist I have collected over the years. And a teapot painted by my mother in law, we still have the teapot so that is special.” 

This corner, a fusion of memories and design, is a cherished testament to the home’s character and the stories it holds. 



Giselle bedhead by Heatherly Design

Design is in the details with the curved Giselle bedhead finished in a unique floral fabric.

Where: Master bedroom

Collected pieces:

Fabric for custom Heatherly ‘Giselle bedhead’ paired with existing bed linens and throw. 

After Founding and Directing Heatherly Design for over 15 years, it’s easy to feel a little curious what design the coined ‘bedhead queen’ has in her own bedroom. 

In the serene sanctuary of her master bedroom, the culmination of Georgie’s creativity is unveiled. Here, she has seamlessly combined her professional expertise with her personal taste to craft a bedroom that suggests elegance and comfort.

The centrepiece of this timeless retreat is undeniably the custom Heatherly ‘Giselle bedhead.‘ Meticulously tailored to her specifications, this bespoke bedhead embodies the epitome of design innovation and attention to detail. It’s not merely a piece of furniture; it’s a work of art.

“When our fabric rep showed me this fabric, my heart skipped a beat. That was the one. I was waiting for that special fabric and there it was in all its glory with poppies on the most lustrous velvet.” 

Styled with her pre-existing favourite bed linens in soft shades of blue and green, the bedhead is the hero of the room. Complimented by a collected Bianca Lorene throw, the room brings hints of the lush countryside exterior into her home. 

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