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  • A bedroom of one’s own: our favourite private sanctuaries

    A bedroom is a space for rest and one way to quickly switch to relaxation mode is by design. Here are some of our favourite bedrooms that inspire holiday daydreams. Outside In What a way to take advantage of the view! The full-sized windows maximise the viewing area of the great outdoors, creating the feel …

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  • Art in our lives

    We spent a recent Sunday at the marvelous McClelland Gallery and Sculpture park in Langwarrin Victoria.  The people of Victoria are treated to a fabulous display of outdoor sculpture every year thanks to the ever generous support of the late Dame Elisabeth Murdoch and the Balnaves Foundation.  Artists from all over Australia are invited to …

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  • Inspiring designs and bubbles

    Our favourite fair is coming to Melbourne town and we are thrilled to be involved. Come and say hello, see our latest bedhead designs and shop in this dreamy environment filled with unique and inspiring designs. My list of designers that are a must see for me personally this year include – Ellis Benson for …

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  • “Tablescapes”

    “Tablescapes” was a term I was first introduced to by David Hicks, a renowned interior designer from England.  In short it is the art of collating pieces on a table that tell a story either on their own or as a whole, each piece perfectly proportioned and placed.  David was so famous for his tablescapes …

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  • What to do with a fireplace that is never used!

    Fireplaces are often dark and of no interest other than when they are roaring on a winter’s evening. I always knew our in house decorating consultant Michelle Pennington was full of bright ideas. With not knowing how to add light and interest to this south walled fireplace that we never use, her quick thinking of …

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  • Waiting in style

    My loyal Heidi is pregnant and needing those extra pillows to help her sleep better in these last few days.  The whelping box has been built, the children even have toys ready for the puppies to play with!! We are all wondering just how many are in that large tummy of hers and what colour …

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  • Choosing the least travelled path to creativity

    Richard Waller of Inside Out says about design ‘if you’re too busy trying to please all the people all of the time, you end up pleasing no one (least of all yourself).’   Have you ever taken a fabulous decorating piece home and discovered it won’t fit where you planned to put it?  Maybe you created …

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  • Spring inspirations from London.

        It is during these cooler months when the garden is dormant and the clouds are low that I look for splashes of colour in interiors.  The Peony flower from Designers Guild featured on our Ralston is one such example of adding that layer of warmth and interest.  Another textile designer’s work I love is Christopher Farr who has been designing …

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  • Inspiration

    The latest Belle magazine inspired me on so many levels but the below quote from editor at large Ann-Maree Sargeant so captured the ethos behind why Heatherly Design was created all those years ago. “As a reaction to the growth of mass-produced design products, and the proliferation of copies of high-design pieces, there is a …

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  • Magnolia Square – Event Styling inspired by paper and thread

    Cant wait to be apart of Magnolia Square 28th – 30th April at Malvern Town Hall.  Special new fabrics and the most positively gorgeous peony flower bedhead that dreams are made of…….

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