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  • Belair Snow BoucleBelair Snow Boucle
  • Belair Sago BoucleBelair Sago Boucle
  • Ellison Linen VelvetEllison Linen Velvet
  • Frontier Flax BoucleFrontier Flax Boucle
  • Ozone Ecru LinenOzone Ecru Linen
  • Frontier Oat BoucleFrontier Oat Boucle
  • Amalfi Birch LinenAmalfi Birch Linen
  • Boston Oatmeal LinenBoston Oatmeal Linen
  • Belair Cashew BoucleBelair Cashew Boucle
  • Geneva Moonstone VelvetGeneva Moonstone Velvet
  • Villano Silver LinenVillano Silver Linen
  • Linden Silver LinenLinden Silver Linen
  • Husk Dust LinenHusk Dust Linen
  • Geneva Schist VelvetGeneva Schist Velvet
  • Ellison Warm Silver VelvetEllison Warm Silver Velvet
  • Husk Ice LinenHusk Ice Linen
  • Linden Dove LinenLinden Dove Linen
  • Geneva Cloud VelvetGeneva Cloud Velvet
  • Villano Travertine LinenVillano Travertine Linen
  • Ellison Grey Dusk VelvetEllison Grey Dusk Velvet
  • Dargo Fog linenDargo Fog linen
  • Frontier Fog BoucleFrontier Fog Boucle
  • Boucle FrostBoucle Frost
  • Dargo Zinc LinenDargo Zinc Linen
  • Windsor Silver VelvetWindsor Silver Velvet
  • Geneva Avalanche VelvetGeneva Avalanche Velvet
  • Villano French Grey LinenVillano French Grey Linen
  • Villano Storm LinenVillano Storm Linen
  • Austin Wolf FeltAustin Wolf Felt
  • Husk Pewter LinenHusk Pewter Linen
  • Dargo Slate LinenDargo Slate Linen
  • Boston Asphalt LinenBoston Asphalt Linen
  • Belair Steel BoucleBelair Steel Boucle
  • Ellison Charcoal VelvetEllison Charcoal Velvet
  • Geneva Boulder VelvetGeneva Boulder Velvet
  • Frontier Charcoal BoucleFrontier Charcoal Boucle
  • Windsor Pewter VelvetWindsor Pewter Velvet
  • Geneva Black Ice VelvetGeneva Black Ice Velvet
  • Ellison Shell VelvetEllison Shell Velvet
  • Boston Shell Pink LinenBoston Shell Pink Linen
  • Windsor Blush VelvetWindsor Blush Velvet
  • Geneva Marshmallow VelvetGeneva Marshmallow Velvet
  • Frontier Nude BoucleFrontier Nude Boucle
  • Villano Waterlily LinenVillano Waterlily Linen
  • Ellison Lavender Pink VelvetEllison Lavender Pink Velvet
  • Husk Musk LinenHusk Musk Linen
  • Dargo Rosewater LinenDargo Rosewater Linen
  • Dargo Nectar LinenDargo Nectar Linen
  • Belair Salmon BoucleBelair Salmon Boucle
  • Ellison Pop VelvetEllison Pop Velvet
  • Windsor Powder Blue VelvetWindsor Powder Blue Velvet
  • Ellison Sky VelvetEllison Sky Velvet
  • Husk Powder LinenHusk Powder Linen
  • Villano Drizzle LinenVillano Drizzle Linen
  • Frontier Powder BoucleFrontier Powder Boucle
  • Linden Wedgewood LinenLinden Wedgewood Linen
  • Husk Amalfi LinenHusk Amalfi Linen
  • Dargo Cerul LinenDargo Cerul Linen
  • Barkley Azure LinenBarkley Azure Linen
  • Ellison Cornflower VelvetEllison Cornflower Velvet
  • Windsor Smoke VelvetWindsor Smoke Velvet
  • Husk Ocean LinenHusk Ocean Linen
  • Villano Ink LinenVillano Ink Linen
  • Ellison Indigo VelvetEllison Indigo Velvet
  • Dargo Bluestone LinenDargo Bluestone Linen
  • Boucle MidnightBoucle Midnight
  • Belair Lapis BoucleBelair Lapis Boucle
  • Frontier Midnight BoucleFrontier Midnight Boucle
  • Boston Indigo LinenBoston Indigo Linen
  • Geneva Lake VelvetGeneva Lake Velvet
  • Ellison Navy VelvetEllison Navy Velvet
  • Boston Navy LinenBoston Navy Linen
  • Geneva Royale VelvetGeneva Royale Velvet
  • Windsor Midnight VelvetWindsor Midnight Velvet
  • Luxury Surf VelvetLuxury Surf Velvet
  • Villano Mist LinenVillano Mist Linen
  • Villano Spa LinenVillano Spa Linen
  • Dargo Eucalyptus LinenDargo Eucalyptus Linen
  • Ellison Leaf VelvetEllison Leaf Velvet
  • Boston Sage LinenBoston Sage Linen
  • Husk Celadon LinenHusk Celadon Linen
  • Dargo Jade LinenDargo Jade Linen
  • Linden Emerald LinenLinden Emerald Linen
  • Dargo Forest LinenDargo Forest Linen
  • Geneva Lichen VelvetGeneva Lichen Velvet
  • Windsor Emerald VelvetWindsor Emerald Velvet
  • Windsor Aquamarine VelvetWindsor Aquamarine Velvet
  • Geneva Mallard VelvetGeneva Mallard Velvet
  • Frontier Petrol BoucleFrontier Petrol Boucle
  • Ellison Peacock VelvetEllison Peacock Velvet
  • Ellison Forest VelvetEllison Forest Velvet
  • Turin Emerald VelvetTurin Emerald Velvet
  • Geneva Forest VelvetGeneva Forest Velvet
  • Windsor Martini VelvetWindsor Martini Velvet
  • Dargo Night LinenDargo Night Linen
  • Boston Antelope LinenBoston Antelope Linen
  • Ellison Federal Gold VelvetEllison Federal Gold Velvet
  • Belle Camel VelvetBelle Camel Velvet
  • Dargo Camel LinenDargo Camel Linen
  • Geneva Hot Toddy VelvetGeneva Hot Toddy Velvet
  • Belair Rust BoucleBelair Rust Boucle
  • Turin Brandy VelvetTurin Brandy Velvet
  • Cannes TaupeCannes Taupe
  • Cannes ForestCannes Forest
  • Cannes CamelCannes Camel
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About: The custom made bed valance

Our custom-made bed valance is a striking, tailored option for your bed base ensemble that achieves the look of a full bed visually connecting bedhead and base in perfect harmony for a designer finish — and because our bed valances are expertly handcrafted in Melbourne, it is almost undetectable that they are a valance and not an upholstered bed base. Our bed valance design not only completes your bedding set with a clean, sharp silhouette but also seamlessly hides your ensemble fabric, wheels and anything stored underneath your bed.  Please note our design is specially for ensemble bases.  It is not designed to sit over timber slat bases or movable base options.


Each bed valance is made to standard measurements in width and length for Australian specifications.  It is the drop from the top of the base to the floor that can vary considerably between beds.  It is this measurement that is tailored to your specifications to ensure a flawless finish.  Option to include side openings to allow for trundle bases or bases with storage drawers on request. 

Customise: Can I choose the fabric for my custom made bed valance?

Affirming Heatherly’s reputation of being at the forefront of bedroom furniture is the option to customise our valance to compliment your Heatherly Design bed head and fabric.

Which fabric is best suited to the custom made bed valance?

Whether you choose a linen or velvet bedhead, we recommend the same fabric for the valance. Linen achieves a clean, contemporary look and finish and also allows for crisp pleating at the corners on request, while our buttery soft velvets create a sumptuous finish. For a block colour bead head, we love seeing the same fabric for both bed head and valance, just as you would see for an upholstered bed base or alternatively, a crisp white valance paired with a neutral bed head creates a look that is both timeless and understated.

For a patterned bedhead, using a block colour for the valance allows the bedhead to be the hero or for a bolder look, two co-ordinating patterned fabrics create a dramatic effect.

Pricing: How do I calculate the price?

Our custom bed valance prices start at $640– $850. Our valance pricing applies for a finished drop up to 350mm. When the drop is deeper than this, we do require additional fabric thus the price will be extra to cover this.

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