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+ About: The velvet cushion

Valiant in velvet, our cushions bring a touch of luxurious comfort and added texture to any bed. 

A powerful but subliminal enticement beckoning you to get into bed, our velvet cushions catch the light in just the right way adding a shimmer of opulence and a softer side to layered bedding.

+ Specifications
Our velvet cushion collection comes in seventeen rich shades, from petal pink and silver to bold jewel tones.

Available in two sizes, the larger 600 x 600 and 600 x 400, each cushion also comes filled with high-quality, 100% feather inserts.

+ Which fabric bed head do velvet cushions compliment best?
Velvet not only brings texture and warmth to a space, but also a touch of luxury. While it has long been a favourite for more traditional styling and colder climates, our cushions bring a contemporary edge to suit any season. Style them back with a deep buttoning design for a more classic look or to add contrast to a linen textured bed. For a super plush, luxurious look, layer them with a velvet bed head.

+ How do I clean my velvet cushion

Our velvet cushions are fully washable in cold water, so no need to worry if there is an accidental spill of your morning coffee in bed.

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