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Floating Bed Base

QUEEN $1520 - $1785

How about a fully upholstered bed frame inclusive of timber slat base to go with your Heatherly bedhead?


Our most popular option for our floating bed base, is a recessed leg at the foot end that allows for the bed base to be raised off the floor allowing for the bed base to appear floating off the floor.  Perfect for smaller bedrooms where you are wanting to create a feeling of more space.  The recessed feet mean no stubbed toes!

Every Heatherly bed is custom made to your specifications.  We have a proven formula to ensure the proportions are perfect for your chosen bedhead.

Our solid timber slat base is fixed to the frame so no movement occurs.

All king size frames have an additional support through the centre of the bed.

Upholstered bed base frames are available in 160, 190 and 230 as standard.  Customised sizing is available if required.

Mattresses are generally recessed into the frame by 30.

To calculate the total price of this bed, add the price of your preferred bedhead to the bed base with timber slat price.

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