How to style a chair in the bedroom

In recent years, the bedroom has played a more important role in the overall functionality and flow of our homes. They have become a personal oasis, an ultimate restorative space to relax and unwind from busy days.

And while comforting colour palettes and soft texture help create a tranquil atmosphere, the rise of accent chairs is redefining the purpose and style of the modern bedroom. A bedroom chair not only gives you another place to play with colour, pattern, and texture, but it can also support daily self-care rituals and routines. From establishing a vanity space, desk hub or lounge area to providing a reading nook to wind down with a book before bed and the perfect place to enjoy a restorative cup of tea in the morning light, the versatility of the bedroom chair has evolved far beyond somewhere to lay out tomorrow’s clothes.

And while our beds remain the focal point of the room, an accent can help bring out the best in bedroom style. From minimal designs to more layered and lived-in spaces, the bedroom chair, at its best, acts as a style anchor, defining and pulling the space together.  

Here are some of our favourite tips for styling an accent chair in your bedroom space.

Where do I place a chair in the bedroom?
While some areas of the bedroom naturally lend themselves to a beautiful place to sit — such as next to a dresser, by a vanity or desk or by the window — placing a chair opposite or a few feet away from the bed can help to define the space and boundaries of the bedroom.   

The further your chair is away from your bed, the easier it will be to separate it from the associations of sleep attached to the bed, so it feels like another space to utilise in the home.


Heatherly Design bedroom chair styling how to

Kent velvet chair, Louis plaid bed head and Von houndstooth footstool


How to style a bedroom chair in a small bedroom?
Don’t be discouraged from incorporating a chair into your bedroom just because your space is on the smaller side.  Sometimes a chair can create the illusion of more room, making perfect use of what would otherwise be dead space.

Styling the area around a chair with books, plants, and a reading lamp makes a chair look like it belongs in a nook and doesn’t close off the space the way a cabinet, chest of drawers or other bulky furniture pieces might. 

A floor lamp angled over a chair also helps to lift the eye and make it a focal point that’s warm and inviting, while placing a mirror above or beside the chair will also open the space.

Accent chair patterned linen upholstered bedroom

Fenwick chair paired with Bailey bedhead and valance

How to style a bedroom chair in a large bedroom?
When it comes to interiors, a large bedroom, much like high ceilings, can be a nice problem to have. Sometimes loftier, grander spaces can be overwhelming as they demand a little more attention—and furniture—to feel homely, warm, and inviting.

An accent chair is a great tool for closing visual gaps. 

You can create a curated lounge space with an accent chair, side table and even an ottoman. Or, if your space allows it, why limit yourself to just one accent chair? Turn your bedroom into another spot to chat and chill with a set of chairs and a small table.


Kent velvet chair and von houndstooth footstool

Kent velvet Chair and Von houndstooth footstool

How to choose the right colour and texture for a bedroom chair?
When choosing an accent chair, we recommend looking at your existing bedroom decor — from your bed head to your lampshades— and selecting a design that compliments the tone and texture of the room. 

From plush velvets in rich jewel tones to luxuriously tactile boucle in buff neutrals, the right accent chair should not only act as a grounding element that instantly ties an entire room together, but it should also help to create a pleasing eye-path around the room. Opting for a custom made design means you can choose from an array of premium fabrics, colours and prints to guarantee a bespoke creation that suits your space and taste. 

For a dynamic and discerning bedroom, it’s hard to resist the current boucle trend. Adored by A-listers around the globe, boucle reflects growing consumer demand for bedroom chairs that are as aesthetically striking as they are cosy. Inspired by a ‘hug’, our new Amanti design makes a statement in any space with the rounded romantic form cocooning you in comfort while reading or relaxing. 

Curved accent chair in boucle

Amanti Chair in belair snow boucle our latest boucle accent chair.

If it’s old-world charm and elegance that you are after, velvet always offers a particularly opulent look. Our Kent chair gives a contemporary nod to a classic style and adapts easily to any setting. With refined curves and scooped arm detail adding an extra layer of sophistication, it makes a beautiful bedroom chair. 

The Fenwick custom upholstered chair allows you to further personalise your chair with coloured stitching detail, while the contoured back of the Crosby Chair makes it an incredibly comfortable addition to any space. Complete the look with a custom cushion, drape a throw rug over the back or even add a side table to create a cosy reading nook. 

If you are unsure whether to choose boucle, felt, or linen — or which colour will best complement your existing bedroom furniture — you can also order a fabric sample today.