How to harness golden hour in your bedroom

From earthy shades to nostalgic texture, channel the magic of a gently setting sun in your sleep space.

Few things compare to sitting outdoors, glass in hand, as the afternoon draws in.

Whether you are overlooking the countryside as galahs make their way across a sky of powdery orange; on a balcony above bustling streets as rays of scorched amber peer between buildings or looking out to crashing waves and a sky awash in sorbet shades as a warm ball of light tucks itself into the horizon — no matter where you find yourself at sunset, there is something about Golden Hour in Australia. 

And it’s why this magical, Midas-touch moment of Mother Nature has influenced our latest design.

Reflecting our rich heritage and commitment to Australian craftsmanship, our curved bed head called the Luna bed head is a homage to where it all began for Heatherly: in Australian nature.

“We never want the sun to set on our celebration of home,” says Heatherly Founder Georgie Leckey.

“When designing our Luna bed head, we wanted to find a way that we could mirror nature in a very nostalgic, distinctive way, and it’s hard to top the innate beauty of the show our Australian sky puts on for us at sunset.”

“We wanted to make the feeling of hopping into bed just as magical as golden hour.”

To celebrate our new Golden Hour-inspired design  — we are sharing some of our favourite ways to bring the serenity of dusk into a nurturing bedroom.



From dusky tones of rose pink and muted coral to rustic hues of saffron and amber, embracing sunset is all about creating a warm and inviting environment.

Whether you live in the country or you’re a city dweller, it’s easy to bring the outdoors in by mirroring nature’s palette in your furniture, cushions, rugs and artwork. With shades of golden-brown on the rise in interiors, we also looked to sand, ochre and burnt gold for our inspiration for our Luna bed head, which is wrapped in a sumptuous shade of oh-so-strokable camel velvet. The rich shade ensures that our first curved, deep-button design sets the scene for a bedroom sanctuary and offers a super soft landing at day’s end.

Luna curved deep buttoning velvet


We might be on the other side of the winter solstice, but as summertime sentimentalists here at Heatherly, honouring golden hour ensures the nostalgia of long, lazy days spent in nature are always within reach.

The palette and texture of Luna — combined with our Errol footstool, which features a retro houndstooth print, tan piping and chubby wooden legs — also evokes a nostalgic vibe, infusing interiors with the light-hearted simplicity of a 1970s summer. Conjuring images of childhood summer vacations, the golden hour trend is also a reminder to take refuge in the memory of sun-kissed, simpler times. Even a lampshade with a shell-like scalloped edging can create a subtle coastal undercurrent by the bed.

curved ottoman footstool timber leg piped edge upholstered in herringbone fabric. Custom made australian designed ottoman


As well as adding dimension with an upholstered ottoman at the end of the bed, you can also layer up your look with soft furnishings and natural fibre to usher in the gentle rhythm of golden hour.

We started with dreamy cream linen and burnt ginger bolster cushion styled against our burnished Luna bed head — almost like the sun is setting across the bedroom wall.

Textured accents such as a flat-woven rug or textural artwork by your bed create a tactile feature and help build a bedroom a haven where you can rest and recharge.

Even a contrast bed valance in a natural linen fibre can help bring an unpolished touch to the space. 

luna curved velvet bedhead deep buttoning vintage style


To achieve a homely, warm golden glow, swap out any white globes in your light fittings and lamps and replace them with warm-white globes. Dimmers can also help to create ambience and mimic the setting sun.



You can’t possibly honour the Australian landscape without also supporting local skills, craftsmanship and industry.  Every Heatherly piece is handcrafted and made to order in our Melbourne workshops by our team of talented craftsmen who have spent years honing their skills. With meticulous attention to detail, our designs also bring a lasting personal touch to any bedroom space or style. 

curved ottoman footstool timber leg piped edge herringbone


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