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Tate Footstool

$1470 - $1670


Named after the Tate Modern in London, where it would easily be at home as a bench seat from which to admire art, this leather footstool is a stylish multi-functional piece which suits a variety of décor styles. Tate is finished in luxurious buttery Trench leather and features hand-pleated deep diamond buttoning. A wrought iron frame brings a modern touch to this classic design.  Shown here at 1200 wide x 550 high x 500 deep.

It is available in two sizes either 1200 for a queen bed or 1400 long for a king size.

All of our custom bedheads and bedroom pieces are designed and handcrafted in Melbourne by our expert makers. Great attention to detail is made so that you can be sure of a product that stands the test of time.

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