Bed Bases

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For pure bedded bless, a custom made bed base is the perfect foundation to create a bed where you can relax and unwind. Our extensive collection of quality bed bases is designed to suit any bedroom space as well as complement our custom upholstered bed heads. From queen bed bases and king bed bases to double and single beds, there is a size to suit every bedroom, while our Gaslift bed base combines form and function for the most stylish (hidden) storage solution and innovative bedroom design.

Our custom designs also include a floating bed base with recessed legs that give the illusion that the bed is floating (and is out most popular bed base option); non recessed legs which allow for the timber leg to be a feature of the footed bed; our luxurious frame to floor option; a higher foot end silhouette which adds an extra layer of detailing and an upholstered bed box tailored to disguise a mattress ensemble base.

With over 100 luxury fabrics to choose from, including linen, plush velvet, and boucle beds, you can find a style that is unique to you and your space. As industry leaders for over 13 years, our team of interior stylists and designers can help you with bedroom style ideas and how to incorporate existing bedroom furniture, bed linen and décor into your fresh, new bedroom. A custom bed head, Custom bedside tables, or bolster cushions will also help style bedroom sanctuary and complete a calming composition. We deliver Australia wide and you can shop our beautiful collection of bed heads and bed accessories online now or make an appointment to visit either our Sydney showroom or Melbourne showroom, or online with our virtual consultations. 

How to clean fabric bedframe?
To clean your Heatherly upholstered bed base, we recommend using a low suction setting of a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate attachment. If you require professional cleaning, you should use only cleaners that specialise in upholstery. Heatherly Design does not recommend using spot cleaners.