Custom Made Seat Cushions

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Cushions not only make a space more comfortable, but also more functional and the power of a welcoming entry is truly unmatched with a custom bench and seat cushion. 

The perfect piece to add to your bedroom or living space, our seat cushions are multipurpose gems, adding versatility, adaptability and flexibility to your home. 

From buttery soft leather bench seat cushions to bold prints and rich colours, we love seeing our seat cushions styled back with our custom wooden bench seat in an accommodating entryway.

They can also make great use of space and maximise your seating on a window seat, kitchen nook or mud room, styled back with scatter cushions for extra comfort.

In a kid’s bedroom they are the perfect furnishing for a storage chest or bench, maximising seating and minimising clutter all at once.

In the bedroom, they can bring contrast to a bed end, abounding in both texture and cosiness.

All our custom seat cushions are piped, include premium Dacron foam and are stocking wrapped for a plush finish.