The Heatherly Goodnight Series: with Chyka Keebaugh

For Chyka Keebaugh, no two days ever look the same. But the savvy (and seriously stylish) businesswoman and co-founder of The Big Group has found a daily winddown routine that works for her.

As well as running a successful hospitality business, the popular media personality has also recently launched her first homewares collection with retailer Harris Scarf. Featuring more than 600 items including a covetable Christmas range, kitchenware and luxurious bed linens, the collection has been carefully curated by Chyka to reflect her bold style. 

Despite her busy schedule, Chyka says the past 24 months have made her reassess her work life balance.

“Brucey and I probably go out three times a week, but we have loved being at home. The pace has changed in that evening time, and it was what I needed,” she says.

“There were times my life felt completely out of control, and I was always saying yes, whereas now I am just enjoying being at home with Bruce, having a negroni at 6pm and talking about out day.”

“Our home is something that is very sacred to me. I love taking care of things, moving plants around, watering the garden, putting flowers in a vase, lighting candles, fluffing cushions and being a domestic goddess. Creating a special space that feels happy to us brings me as much joy as you could possibly imagine.”


chyka keebaugh on Heatherly Design bed custom made

Empire bed head in Boston Oatmeal linen paired with our higher footend bed base. Bed linen by Harris Scarf.

Chyka also says she has taken up a new hobby to help her unwind from the hustle and bustle of her day-to-day.

“Watercolour has become my obsession and I’m trying to practice for at least an hour a day if I can. Particularly over the last year I have found I have needed that outlet.”

With a distinctive eye for design and bold décor, we are thrilled to have collaborated with Chyka on several bed head designs for both her Melbourne Penthouse and Mornington Peninsula property in Maine Ridge, including the wing backed Hamptons bed and the dramatic Empire bed. 

“I absolutely love working with Heatherly. They are the best. We have four of their beds at Main Ridge and another two in Melbourne. The Empire silhouette adds such a focal point to any wall,” she says.

“Working with Heatherly Design has been the most beautiful experience. I have recommended them to so many friends because the service is so seamless.”

Here, Chyka shares the chic ways she slows things down before bed. 

What is your relationship like with sleep?

I have to say I am not an early riser. I prefer to go to bed late and rise late than go to bed early and rise early, which is what my husband likes. 

I have always been an amazing sleeper, although the last 12 months haven’t been the greatest —but that’s due to a lot of stress and kids living overseas. 

For both Bruce and I the bedroom must be really dark at night time. And I have a few non-negotiables: a shower before bed, turning off my phone, and no tv in the bedroom.

Hampton Bed head in Boston Oatmeal linen

Hampton Bed head in Boston Oatmeal linen, bed linen by Harris Scarf

How have you made your bedroom your personal sanctuary?

Much like our life, our home is colourful and eclectic, but I have kept our bedrooms both in town and at Main Ridge very neutral, calm and tonal. The bedroom is sacred. I love it to be tidy and clean and I love making a bed and making it perfect like its ready for a photo shoot every single day. I never have clutter.

 Our sheets are just always crisp white because then I do everything else in different fabrics and patterns. And I always have beautiful orchids and candles. 

At Main Ridge, we have a bath, a fireplace and full windows in the bedroom, so when 

its pouring with rain, there is nothing better than sitting in the bath, with the fire on, watching it all happen with a glass of wine — I couldn’t be happier!

In Melbourne our view looks back towards the MCG and city skyline. To see the balloons in the morning is my favourite sight, but at Main Ridge it’s all about the rosellas and the kookaburras and the kangaroos in the paddock next door. It’s the best of both worlds.

Do you have a wind down routine that helps you unwind?

I always have to have a shower before bed and wash the day off. Then I get into my favourite pyjamas from Blue Illusion, which feature a print by French artist Nathalie Lété.

I always read for 45 minutes in bed every night. I’m a massive reader. I’m currently reading The Paris Seamstress by Natasha Lester (who I am obsessed with). Her books are all based on true stories. 

I’ve been married to Bruce for 29 years and for 29 years that man has complained about my light being on to read. He has bought me every kind of night light and reading light you can think of — because I have to have a book not a kindle — and the topic of my reading in bed has been the conversation that is most consistent in our whole marriage.

Hampton curved wingback bed head in linen

Hampton bed head in Boston Oatmeal linen, bed linen by Harris Scarf


Any other rituals that help you switch off?

I am obsessed with candles and have different ones for every room. For instance, my gold room is all about amber scents while the pink room is all about roses. In our bedroom at the moment I have the most exquisite Gucci violet candle. It’s like walking through a field of violets. I like things that evoke emotion and for me, violet is my grandmother because I used to pick violets in her garden.

I am obsessed with skincare, particularly at night time and I only use Liberty Belle. I swear by their products. For Mother’s Day last year, Bruce also got me one of those LED masks, and I do that a couple of times a week. 

Before bed, I also like to be organised for the next day, so if I’m going to the gym and then an appointment and then something that evening, I will lay my clothes out for everything the night before.

And I always have a peppermint tea before bed.


Curved edge bed head in linen beige oatmeal

Empire bed head in Boston Oatmeal linen paired with our higher footend bed base. Bed linen by Harris Scarf.

Images are credited to Marcel Aucar/ @marcelaucar

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Goodnight Series with Georgie Leckey

Welcome to our new Heatherly Goodnight Series, where inspirational members of our community share their night-time rituals and reflect on their relationship with sleep.

 Working intimately with bedroom spaces, Heatherly are more attuned than most to the fact that sleep is playing an increasingly significant role in our pursuit for holistic wellness. We often wonder how other people unwind from their daily stresses and what rituals and routines matter to them in order to achieve effortless and refreshing rest. So we went ahead and asked them so you can learn new tips and tricks, too.

To launch the series, and ahead of Mother’s Day, we couldn’t think of anyone better than our Heatherly founder Georgie Leckey, to share her favourite ways to slow things down before bed.

Life is a delicate juggling act for Heatherly founder and director Georgie Leckey. The mother of two and passionate businesswoman is well rehearsed in keeping multiple plates in the air, but she also knows that one of the greatest keys to success lies in how you manage your down time.

For Georgie, who has dedicated over a decade to designing bedroom furniture, bedtime is the best time.

So, we have asked her to share how she has made her own bedroom the ultimate restorative sanctuary as well as the self-care routines she embraces every night to ensure she is ready for whatever life throws at her.

How important is the role of the bed in our ability to soothe our muscles and our minds?

A good bed really shouldn’t be underestimated as an important form of self-care.
My bed absolutely reflects my personality and taste, which is why retreating to the bedroom of an evening feels so calming and nurturing.

Georgie leckey giselle bed head goodnight series 

Heatherly co-founder, Georgie in her bold bedroom, where our Giselle bed head in Passiflora Blue velvet is the central feature

How have you made your bedroom your personal sanctuary?

I have always been a blue girl, so my bedroom, bed linen and bedhead is a mix of moody blues and vivid greens that reflect our garden — which can be seen through every window of our bedroom and brings me so much joy.

My bed styling is a considered layering of velvet, pure linen and cashmere. It’s taken me a long time to embrace using a top sheet, but I have come to appreciate the flexibility it offers, both in varying temperatures and also in adding contrast to the styling.

My husband and I have always been geared to an ensemble base, but I disguise the base with a custom Heatherly valance as it hides the ugly legs and gives the impression that the base is upholstered.


Georgie’s breathtaking garden which inspires the styling of her bedroom sanctuary.

Giselle bed head in velvet floral green luxurious georgie leckey
Georgie’s bedroom is a masterclass in layering, playing with texture and colour to striking effect.

Do you rely on any products to help you wind down?

We produce Two Rivers Green Tea on our family farm in the Acheron Valley. We have taken the finest green tea plants from Japan and nurtured them from small cuttings to create the established thirty acre tea plantation that we have today. I love green tea in the evening as it is ultra-calming and the perfect reward for a busy day of multi-tasking.

My girlfriend also gave me REN & Now to Sleep pillow spraywhich is really special. And I might be showing my age here, but I am very particular about my pillow. Ecosa have the most incredible pillow that is contoured to your head and neck.  I don’t know how I will be able to sneak it in my bag when we travel next, but it is certainly worthy of trying. I also keep a hand cream and night cream on my nightstand.


What are some of your other nighttime rituals?

I normally retreat to the bedroom at about 9pm, and regularly use that time in bed to either call my children who are away at school, journal my thoughts for the next day and make some lists of things I need to do or want to achieve. I also like to read in bed and am currently reading Tangerine by Christine Mangan.

Our new kitten Winston is developing a nighttime ritual of his own at the moment, by settling himself at the end of our bed on a velvet throw. Max the Jack Russel and our lab Monty also retreat to our bed often.

Bonnie bed in boucle featuring dogs puppy Max and Monte finding comfort at home featuring the Louis bed head in boucle


Shop the Giselle bed head

Shop the Louis bed head in boucla