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Hampton Bed head

QUEEN $2475-$2850



Choose an option Choose an option VelvetLinenBoucleFeltFaux LeatherLeatherPatterned
Choose an option Choose an option Ivory/WhitesNeutralEarthtonesOyster GreysBluesCharcoal/BlacksPinks/PurplesGreensYellowsReds/Oranges

Belle 01 Velvet

Amalfi Alabaster Linen

Boucle Ivory

Husk Linen Linen

Avery Oyster Linen

Geneva Snow Velvet

Belair Snow Boucle

Ellison Linen Velvet

Frontier Flax Boucle

Ozone Ecru Linen

Frontier Oat Boucle

Amalfi Birch Linen

Boucle Buff

Dargo Sesame Linen

Boston Natural Linen

Boston Oatmeal Linen

Belair Sago Boucle

Husk Barley Linen

Belair Cashew Boucle

Amalfi Mineral Linen

Amalfi Pebble Linen

Linden Dove Linen

Husk Ice Linen

Dargo Fog linen

Frontier Fog Boucle

Augustus Zinc Felt

Boucle Frost

Frontier Powder Boucle

Husk Dust Linen

Linden Silver Linen

Geneva Cloud Velvet

Villano Travertine Linen

Villano Drizzle Linen

Ellison Grey Dusk Velvet

Ellison Warm Silver Velvet

Villano French Grey Linen

Canterbury Alloy Linen

Ballet Sterling Velvet

Dargo Zinc Linen

Turin Crystal Velvet

Augustus Wolf Felt

Boucle Steel

Belair Gunmetal Boucle

Belair Lapis Boucle

Frontier Charcoal Boucle

Belle 19 Velvet

Geneva Avalanche Velvet

Villano Storm Linen

Ballet Cloud Velvet

Windsor Silver Velvet

Geneva Schist Velvet

Turin Sterling Velvet

Geneva Moonstone Velvet

Canterbury Slate Linen

Husk Pewter Linen

Boston Dark Grey Linen

Canterbury Graphite Linen

Dargo Slate Linen

Geneva Boulder Velvet

Boston Asphalt Linen

Husk Graphite Linen

Augustus Armour Felt

Belair Steel Boucle

Ellison Charcoal Velvet

Windsor Pewter Velvet

Geneva Black Ice Velvet

Husk Musk Linen

Adria Blush Linen

Frontier Nude Boucle

Dargo Nectar Linen

Geneva Ballet Velvet

Ellison Shell Velvet

Geneva Marshmallow Velvet

Boston Shell Pink Linen

Belle 48 Velvet

Dargo Rosewater Linen

Belair Salmon Boucle

Ellison Lavender Pink Velvet

Villano Waterlily Linen

Windsor Blush Velvet

Ellison Pop Velvet

Adria Powder Blue Linen

Ballet Flint Velvet

Belle 27 Velvet

Villano Spa Linen

Villano Mist Linen

Husk Powder Linen

Ellison Sky Velvet

Ballet Beetle Velvet

Amalfi Spa Linen

Linden Wedgewood Linen

Husk Amalfi Linen

Ballet Balsam Velvet

Barkley Azure Linen

Windsor Powder Blue Velvet

Canterbury Navy Linen

Boucle Midnight

Augustus Midnight Felt

Ballet Night Velvet

Frontier Midnight Boucle

Boston Indigo Linen

Belle 21 Velvet

Geneva Lake Velvet

Turin Twilight Velvet

Ellison Indigo Velvet

Dargo Bluestone Linen

Husk Abyss Linen

Husk Ocean Linen

Ellison Cornflower Velvet

Villano Ink Linen

Windsor Smoke Velvet

Ellison Navy Velvet

Boston Navy Linen

Geneva Mallard Velvet

Geneva Royale Velvet

Windsor Midnight Velvet

Ellison Seamist Velvet

Augustus Glacier Felt

Kimpton Porcelain Velvet

Geneva Lichen Velvet

Amalfi Cactus Linen

Canterbury Lagoon Linen

Dargo Eucalyptus Linen

Dargo Cerul Linen

Dargo Jade Linen

Linden Emerald Linen

Frontier Petrol Boucle

Dargo Forest Linen

Ballet Hunter Velvet

Turin Emerald Velvet

Belle 25 Velvet

Windsor Emerald Velvet

Ballet Turtle Velvet

Husk Celadon Linen

Windsor Aquamarine Velvet

Ellison Peacock Velvet

Ellison Leaf Velvet

Boston Sage Linen

Ellison Forest Velvet

Triumph Forest Velvet

Geneva Forest Velvet

Windsor Martini Velvet

Villano Marram Linen

Boston Antelope Linen

Belle Camel Velvet

Belle 37 Velvet

Venice Peach Velvet

Geneva Hot Toddy Velvet

Ellison Federal Gold Velvet

Vegan stone

Vegan tan

Leather Hide Trench

Leather Hide Clove

Leather Hide Whistler

Dargo Camel Linen

Canterbury Cinnabar Linen

Belair Rust Boucle

Turin Brandy Velvet

Leather Hide Burrow

Dargo Night Linen

Flora Charcoal Velvet

Flora Mineral Velvet

Kate Spade Smoke

Uzbek Linen

Cezani Indigo Linen

Florence Broadhurst Linen

Anna Spiro Paniola Navy

Anna Spiro Kahuna Solid KS1 Navy

Anna Spiro Leilani Linen

Anna Spiro Paniola Green Linen

Plaid Granite Felt

Plaid Oatmeal Felt

Diane Bergeron Greenwich Stripe chocolate

Monarch Black & White

Cannes Taupe

Cannes Forest

Cannes Camel

Fleur Pink

Fleur Blue

Fleur Charcoal

Catherine Martin Leopardo Snow

Catherine Martin Leopardo Sapphire

Catherine Martin Leopardo Copper

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+ About: The wingback Hampton Bedhead
Inspiration for the Hampton bedhead came from the shape of a classic wingback chair. Designed to envelope, this inviting wingback bedhead is the ultimate retreat at night.  Make a statement in stunning Designers Guild floral linen or a striking “Gothic gate” velvet ribbon embroidered on linen.  Influencer Rozalia Russian chose a more classic option with timeless white linen.

+ Specifications
Once you have purchased your design our team will be in contact to ensure all measurements work with your needs. We have a proven formula to ensure the proportions are perfect for your chosen bedhead.

Depth: Approx 70mm deep
Standard widths of bedheads: Single: 1100mm, King single: 1250mm, Double: 1550mm, Queen: 1700mm, King: 2000mm, Super King: 2200mm
Wings: The wings measure 180mm at the top and 250mm at the base, creating a gentle taper from top to bottom. The studded trim accentuates the elegant lines of this design beautifully.
Height: Bedhead height is 1450mm or less. We can custom make designs higher than this, however it does require a special time frame and additional fabric so a minimal surcharge applies.

+ Customise: Can I choose the fabric for my bedhead?
Affirming Heatherly’s reputation of being at the forefront of bedroom furniture is the option to customise our upholstered bedheads with any Heatherly Design bedhead and fabric. With over 40 bedhead designs and more than 100 fabrics to choose from, you can customise your bedhead

+ Which fabric is best suited to the Hampton bedhead?
Some of our favourites include Ellison Sky velvet, Dolce Marble velvet, Ellison Seamist velvet.

+ Why a Heatherly freestanding upholstered bedhead is the right choice?
A Heatherly bedhead is the perfect choice to create that finished look in your bedroom, the missing piece to your puzzle. Our freestanding bedheads stand alone and do not need to be mounted to the wall or mattress. A bedhead is the perfect option for those with a mattress ensemble to complete your bedroom without the need of a full bed.

+ Pricing: How do I calculate the price?
To calculate the price of your Heatherly bedhead, simply select your chosen design, fabric and size and a price will be calculated based on your selection. If you wish to add a bed base to your design, you will need to add that price to your chosen bedhead price.

+ Delivery: How much will delivery cost for my bedhead?
All Sydney and Melbourne orders are delivered by the Heatherly Design team on a Monday into Sydney or Thursday into Melbourne during a nominated 3 hour time frame.  We can work with you in finding an alternative time if this timing is not suitable.
A delivery fee is calculated for capital cities once your chosen Heatherly Designed pieces have been added to your cart during the checkout process.For all other interstate and regional orders, pending receipt of your order, we liaise with our freight forwarder in confirming the best possible price to your home and will confirm this detail directly with you.

+ Order a fabric sample
+ Read our FAQ
+ Get in touch


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Custom Bed Heads


Our standard width for all custom bed heads is below. They are made “oversized” to accommodate the additional width of a doona and/or blanket. We are however happy to design a custom bed head to your exact specification.  If you would rather a wider bed head to encompass side tables or perhaps you need a narrower bed head to allow for windows or light fittings either side of your bed, simply email us with your design brief.
  • Single  –  100cm wide
  • King single – 114cm wide
  • Double – 144cm wide
  • Queen – 160cm wide
  • King – 190cm wide
  • Super King  – 210cm wide


  • Queen – 170cm wide
  • King – 200cm wide
  • Super king – 220cm wide


Our upholstered bed base surrounds are made to accommodate mattress measurements that are standard in the industry as below.  The finished width of the bed finishes at the above measurements for a bedhead.
  • Single  –  92cm wide x 188cm Long
  • King single – 107cm wide x 203cm long
  • Double – 138cm wide x 188cm long
  • Queen – 153cm wide x 203cm long
  • King – 183cm wide x 203cm long
  • Super King 204cm wide x 203cm long


The upholstered component of each bedhead is 120cm high except the Rupert & Lucia designs which is finished at 110cm high.  The extra height is achieved in the L-Shaped leg.  Any height up to 155cm is possible; it is just a case of letting us know what you would prefer.  If you are unsure, then we have a “formula” in determining the best height for your chosen design based on your mattress height so can certainly guide you as to what we believe will work! Dependant on bedhead design, we generally like to see 70cm – 80cm of bedhead above the mattress. We can provide a bedhead made to the floor without L-Shaped legs, however it does require additional fabric and an additional charge applies. Pricing for our Wingback bedheads is based on a finished height of 150 cm or less. We can custom make designs higher than this, however it does require a special frame and additional fabric so a minimal surcharge applies.  


The standard depth of our bedheads is 7cm. The Albertine, Kensington, Soho, Tilbury, Mayfair and Waldorf are approximately 10cm deep due to the nature of the deep buttoning in these designs. As each design is custom made, we can tailor this depth to suit certain requirements. In situations where there is minimal space at the end of the bed, we can reduce the depth if required.  Alternatively designs can be made deeper if you would prefer.
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