Errol footstool

$1620 - $1840
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  • Boston Asphalt LinenBoston Asphalt Linen
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  • Windsor Blush VelvetWindsor Blush Velvet
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  • Husk Musk LinenHusk Musk Linen
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  • Dargo Nectar LinenDargo Nectar Linen
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  • Ellison Sky VelvetEllison Sky Velvet
  • Husk Powder LinenHusk Powder Linen
  • Villano Drizzle LinenVillano Drizzle Linen
  • Linden Wedgewood LinenLinden Wedgewood Linen
  • Husk Amalfi LinenHusk Amalfi Linen
  • Dargo Cerul LinenDargo Cerul Linen
  • Barkley Azure LinenBarkley Azure Linen
  • Ellison Cornflower VelvetEllison Cornflower Velvet
  • Windsor Smoke VelvetWindsor Smoke Velvet
  • Husk Ocean LinenHusk Ocean Linen
  • Villano Ink LinenVillano Ink Linen
  • Ellison Indigo VelvetEllison Indigo Velvet
  • Dargo Bluestone LinenDargo Bluestone Linen
  • Boston Indigo LinenBoston Indigo Linen
  • Ellison Navy VelvetEllison Navy Velvet
  • Boston Navy LinenBoston Navy Linen
  • Geneva Royale VelvetGeneva Royale Velvet
  • Windsor Midnight VelvetWindsor Midnight Velvet
  • Ellison Seamist VelvetEllison Seamist Velvet
  • Luxury Surf VelvetLuxury Surf Velvet
  • Villano Spa LinenVillano Spa Linen
  • Cosmo EucalyptusCosmo Eucalyptus
  • Ellison Leaf VelvetEllison Leaf Velvet
  • Boston Sage LinenBoston Sage Linen
  • Husk Celadon LinenHusk Celadon Linen
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  • Linden Emerald LinenLinden Emerald Linen
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  • Geneva Forest VelvetGeneva Forest Velvet
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  • Geneva Hot Toddy VelvetGeneva Hot Toddy Velvet
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  • Turin Brandy VelvetTurin Brandy Velvet
  • Leather Hide BurrowLeather Hide Burrow
  • Leather Hide CloveLeather Hide Clove
  • Cannes CamelCannes Camel
  • Catherine Martin Leopardo SnowCatherine Martin Leopardo Snow
  • Monarch Black & WhiteMonarch Black & White
  • Anna Spiro Leilani LinenAnna Spiro Leilani Linen
  • Uzbek LinenUzbek Linen
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About: The curved Errol ottoman/footstool

Expanding on our popular footstool and ottoman category with a considered, curve design, the Errol ottoman offers versatility in styling. Whether to create an accommodating entranceway or to bring contrast to a bed end — as seen styled back with our Luna bedhead— Errol adds interest to any space it is placed. The rounded legs, bold houndstooth print and contrast piping also make the most of its architectural form.

View our Luna bed head for Errol footstool styling inspiration


length: 1200mm
height: 500mm
depth: 450mm
leg diameter is 80mm


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